Seth Rogthon
Birth name Seth Canba Anderson Rogthon

11 September 1961 (age 53)

Dorlan, Ams

Origin South Heartstown, Ams
Genres Rock, roots rock, electronic, new wave, jazz
Occupation Musician, singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, saxophone
Years active 1979-present
Associated acts The Wasps, Hip92, KUNKSO, Sixty Eight Miles to Paradise
Spouse Rosetta Henry (1982-present)
Siblings Marcie Rogthon, Hill Rogthon

Angie Rogthon (b. 1982 d. 1983)

Markus Rogthon (b. 1983)

Rose Rogthon (b. 1986)

Jay Rogthon (b. 1995)

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