John Bell
Birth name John Strixton Bell

1 Febuary 1962 (age 53)

Heartstown, Ams

Origin East Heartstown, Ams
Genres Rock, roots rock, new wave, post-punk, pop, electronic
Occupation Multi-instrumentalist, record producer, singer-songwriter, film score composer
Instruments  Vocals, guitar, keyboard
Years active 1980-present
Associated acts The Wasps, Hip92, KUNKSO, Addicting Strings
Spouse Fiona Brown (m.1986-1988), Melanie Cash (m.1989-present)
Siblings Bridget Bell

Anna Bell (b. 1986)

Austin Bell (b. 1990)

Early life (1962-1978)Edit

John Strixton Bell was born 1 Febuary 1962 to an Amsish mother, Anna Bell and Eastish-Amsish father, Edward Bell. His mother was a teacher and his father worked as an painter. 

John's sister, Bridget Bell, was born on 5 March 1964, she was also born in Heartstown. John attended Saints School from the age of 5, the same with his sister, at 11, John started attending Bismark Secondary School, he dropped out at the age of 14. 

At 14, John bought a guitar and started to write mini songs and tunes along with his friends. One of his songs were aired on Red FM (now Heartstown Radio).

At 16, John recruited some of his friends to come and play the guitar and sing with him, multiple songs were played on local radio stations.

The Wasps (1980-present)Edit

In 1980, John Bell and his friends formed The Wasps. The Wasps' songs became top hits across Europe and North America, bringing more attraction. The Wasps held their first concert at Hearstown Stage in 1981, 3,000 people attended. To this day, Displacing Love is the most popular single by the group. 

In 1983, The Wasps released their first studio album, Cries of Young Ones, the album contained, Bedtime Story, Shoot to Kill, Town in the Hills, Electric Guitar, Winded Tape, Situations, I'll Drive You Away and San Palto. 

In 1984, Queenie in the Bath was in the top 10 chart for 4 weeks straight in the United Kingdom, Ams, Ireland, Eastown, United States, France, Sweden, Norway and Spain. The song is one of the most played and most bought songs by the group to this day.

In 1985, The Wasps held several concerts worldwide which grew them an even greater amount of commercial sucess.

In 1988, John played many instruments for the band, Addicting Strings. John continue to focus on The Wasps but worked on Addicting Strings for most of the year

In 1993, The Wasps and Hit92, an Amsish electronic band wrote electronic and instrumental songs together. The songs made commercial success across Europe and Australia. 

In 1994, The Wasps and KUNKSO, an Amsish electronic band both performed and wrote songs together. Mostly electronic songs. 

In 1998, The Wasps released a hit single 'I Will See', a hit single that was bought by thousands of people, one of The Wasps most succesful songs so far.

Throughtout the 2000's, The Wasps focussed on live concerts. The Wasps held more concerts than ever before in the 2000's, attraction thousands of fans throughout the globe.

In 2011, The Wasps announced that they would be releasing unreleased singles within the next few years. Leaked sources say that 'Helsinki Bridge' from 2002 will be released in 2015 and 'Stockholm Straits' from 2009 will be released in 2015 also.

In 2015, John confirmed that he would be the creator of a new concert 'Share the Music' where all money from tickets and donations will be used to fight against AIDS, malaria and feed those without food and water. The concert is set to draw 50,000 people from all across the world and it will be held at Heartstown Racetrack in early August. 


The Wasps Albums

  • Cries of Young Ones (1983)
  • Along the Wall (1984)
  • Fast Chicks (1985)
  • Smoky Coffee Bar (1987)
  • Heartbeat (1990)
  • Falling for Your Love (1994)
  • Many Other Places (1997)
  • A King (2000)
  • Coastline (2004)
  • South of the Border (2008)
  • Along the Wall: Remastered (2011)
  • A King: Remastered (2015)

Solo albums

  • Forever In Divine (1998)
  • Oh Baby, Feel It (2004)
  • Thirty to Zero (2011)

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