Andrew Nook
Birth name Andrew Hill Nook

3 March 1966 

Heartstown, Ams


19 July 1997

Venica, Ams

Cause of death Pneumonia (brought on by AIDS)
Origin South Heartstown, Ams
Genres Electronic, instrumental, new wave, rock
Occupation Musician
Instruments Guitar, keyboard, vocals
Years active 1986-1997
Associated acts The Wasps, Hip92t

Hillary Queen (1984-1986) 

Tasha Clin (1987-1988)

Debbie Winds (1988-1991)

Cinter Wazbosk (1991-1994)

Hinby Heli (1994-1994)

Saman Kavos (1994-1997)

Siblings Nadie Nook

Dale Nook (b. 1984)

Tony Nook (b. 1984)

Sandra Nook (b. 1986)

Helen Nook (b. 1988)

Debbie Nook Jr. (b. 1990)

Cinter Nook Jr. (b. 1993)

Hezavishky Nook (b. 1995)

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